Huatulco Is For Adventurous Freaks

Hey wanna have some adventure with crocodiles and turtles? If that’s so, then you must pay a visit to Tonameca Lagoon, Ventanilla, and Mazunte. On an average, you will need about five to seven hours for visiting Ventanilla. This is a small and enchanting village located at the Oaxaca coast. It derived its name after the formation of a natural rock.

After this, you need to take a ride along the Tonameca lagoon. This is a wide mangrove of specifies that can be found like iguanas, herons, woodpecker birds, as well as a crocodile’s community. You will find here crocodiles of all ages even the newborn ones.

Later, you may drive off to Mazunte, a small village known for its virgin beaches. This place isn’t too developed as tourists spots. You will also find here a local industry that deals in soaps, shampoo, oils and creams. You will also get a chance to view at least seven or eighty species of marine turtles.

In a nutshell, this is considered to be one of the striking attractions in Huatulco. So, make sure to visit this famous place if you are on a vacation to Huatulco. This is the ideal place where you will get the opportunity to discover admiring species in their natural environments, amazing ecosystems, etc. you will also get to know how the natives works for days and nights so as to safeguard their community.

So friends, when are you planning to visit here? Hurry up or else you will miss out on a number of surprises.

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