Get Fired Up For The Summer In Huatulco

Leave behind your inhibitions and get fired up for a summer adventure over the mountains and down to the pristine beaches of Huatulco. This is a trip that will raise your adrenaline and leave you breathless but exultant.

Huatulco is a resort town in the southern State of Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s ragged landscape and long stretch of white beaches along the Pacific coast is unspoiled, and it has an alluring setting of the idyllic countryside. But that is just the balmy and subdued part. Huatulco’s terrain is made up of mountains, valleys and gentle slopes, and this is where the excitement begins. Up in themountains where the famous Mexican organic coffees are grown, you will find waterfalls like the one that descends to the Copalita River. Close-by is the Punta Celeste where you get a breathtaking view of the famous Huatulco bays, and down the cliff is a wall with a height of about 50 meters where you begin to rappel down an incline of about 95 degrees. Then down to the magnificent Copalita River, you take a wild ride along the rapids using a raft or kayak. The following day you can trek or bike through the jungle where the lush flora and fauna can leave you breathless. There are butterfly and bird sanctuaries that abound the area too. If swimming along the white beaches is too tame for you, you can take a jet ski and explore the pristine waters, and capture the landscape of Huatulco in panoramic splendor. Do not miss to go snorkeling or scuba diving and marvel in Huatulco’s marine biodiversity.

Don’t let this summer pass without a trip to the tropical haven in Huatulco. Bring your friends or your family and experience together the thrill that awaits you. It will be a memory that will be treasured through a lifetime.

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  1. James Allens says:

    Definitely true… Huatulco is the place where I met my wife. We have three kids now and are happily living in a private beach condo in Huatulco. This is where my destiny is.

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