Loosen Up With Cream Mezcals In Huatulco

While tequila may be the more popular drink associated with Mexico, Mezcal is another authentic Mexican alcoholic drink derived from the maguey plant. Both tequila and mezcal are products coming from the maguey or agave plant, but tequila is drawn from a specific type that is indigenous in the state of Jalisco which is in the central-western part of Mexico. The production of mezcal, however, is more established in the southern State of Oaxaca in Mexico. Unlike tequila which has a more standard color and flavor, mezcal is more intense in flavor and aroma. However, to the weak hearted, mezcal is often associated as exotic bordering on gross, because some brands have bottles containing worms (caterpillars), which are actually edible but are added purposely for gimmick and as a marketing strategy. But traditionally, mezcal is bottled without the caterpillars in them.

Bahia de Huatulco which is a region in the State of Oaxaca serves the tasty crema mezcals which is basically mezcal in its diluted form mixed with a variety of fruits and sweetened by either honey or sugar. Some crema mezcals, however, do contain cream or milk in them. This is a good blend for those who cannot take in the very strong flavor of pure mezcal. A good variety of these cream mezcals can be found in the local markets of Huatulco. You can enjoy this light drink as an aperitif or while sunbathing by the beach or just enjoying the sea breeze in a quiet night outside the beach. It is the perfect way to loosen up, and take pleasure in the enchanting beauty of Huatulco.

An authentic Mexican experience is never as compelling as when you get a taste of the famous Oaxacan mezcal. It will be a vacation like no other and the perfect places to stay are located in Tangolunda Bay which is the most developed in the region.

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  1. James Pitt says:

    Yes, I’ve tried mezcal a couple of times when I was still working in Mexico… Really nice, I mean the taste is distinctive and any alcohol afficionado would surely love it…

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