Supreme Water Sports In The Beaches Of Huatulco

Whether you are a pro or a first timer, an ideal place to engage into water sports is in the beaches of Huatulco. This tropical paradise facing the Pacific Ocean is part of the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, and its ragged terrain is mellowed down by its white beaches.

Some of the popular scuba diving destinations are Santa Cruz Bay, Cacaluta and Monosa Islets. In Santa Cruz, you will find coral reefs that extend to as high as 330 feet, and you can also explore a sunken ship. The Conejos Bay is the habitat of the sailfish and roosterfish. You can also snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the bays particularly in the San Agustin Bay where you discover find big coral plates and a diversity of marine life such as parrot fish, a variety of turtles, sea horses, etc… Some of Huatulco’s rough coastline is ideal for skin diving where you will be captivated by the different rock formations, and where you can spot large schools of fish and eagle rays. A favorite site for surfers would be in Punta Conejos where the wave can last close to a minute. La Ultima Escollera and Majahual are the other two surfing sites highly recommended by diving experts. Another exciting water sports would be wind surfing in the beaches of Esperanza and Cacaluta. You can also rent a jet ski and cruise around the great bays of Huatulco, and get a picture perfect view of the Sierra Madres Mountain in its verdant glory dominating the coast of the Pacific.

Another must see and must do in Huatulco is to traverse the rapids of the Copalita River or the La Bocanada in a raft of kayak. It is not only supremely exciting, the mountain view from the river is awesome.  If that is not enough to drum up the excitement for supreme water sports, we don’t know what will.

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