Visit A Coffee Plantation In The Tropical Haven Of Huatulco

Like its Latin counterparts, the best coffee beans are also grown in Mexico. According to coffee experts, Mexican coffee is typically light, dry and with a slight acidic bite, but the famous gourmet coffees are mostly grown in the southern State of Oaxaca in Mexico where the trees are propagated in small farms and are organically grown. That is why Mexico continues to be the leader in the international coffee market today that is certified as organically grown.

The town of Huatulco is a resort town in the State of Oaxaca. It is a place where the ragged terrain cascades toward long stretch of white beaches facing the Pacific Coast. Bahia de Huatulco, as it is locally dubbed, has nine bays along its coast. Development in three of the bays, Bahia de Tangolunda, Bahia Chahue and Bahia Conejos are currently ongoing with Bahia de Tangolunda leading as the most established resort area. There are a number of exciting activities that await visitors in Huatulco, from the extreme adventure of white water rafting and rappelling to the more relaxed mode of a round game of golf in a world class 18-hole golf course. There are a number of places to visit and foremost of these is a tour to the famous coffee plantations in the outskirts of Huatulco such as the famous Finca (meaning farm) El Pacifico where the Pluma Hidalgo brand of organic coffee is grown. Get a taste of the freshly brewed organic coffee straight from the farm and learn its many wonderful processes, from the seedling to planting, the organic method of growing, harvesting, roasting down to its packaging.

Plan your visit now to the tropical haven in Huatulco, and you will never forget its magic every time you take a sip of that aromatic brew. Check out the website and make your reservations now.

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