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A Long And Exciting Summer Break On The Beaches Of Huatulco

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Huatulco used to be a fishing village in the southern Pacific Coast of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico. Now it is fast becoming a first class travel destination because of its alluring charm that is uniquely Huatulco.  If you have been dreaming of tropical scenery that is not too far from home, and it has the least trappings of a traditional resort, then dream no more and be transported to a reality of unspoiled white beaches, emerald shores, dense vegetation and friendly neighbors.

The condominium beach resort in the Tangolunda Bay is the preferred accommodation especially for extended vacations in Huatulco. You get value for your money while having a good time in the privacy of its beach front that is not common to other resorts. The superb accommodations include newly renovated rooms with state of the art gadgets such as a 40-inch high density television and a modern kitchen. It has the latest comforts and amenities but in a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. The Staff are well trained to service all your needs, and if you don’t feel like preparing your own meal, you can choose from any of our restaurants for that exquisite Mexican cuisine.

You will be surprised to find out that staying in Huatulco is not just about sunbathing or beaches. There is so much more to do and explore in this tropical paradise. The mountains and slopes are home to a rich and diverse fauna and flora. Coffee and maguey plantation abound in the foothills and valleys. The waterfalls near the plantations are a sight to behold. Then there is the great Copalita River where you brave an adrenaline raising experience of shooting the rapids in a raft or kayak. Then you can visit the latest archaeological find in the Copalita Point where you observe in awesome silence the pyramids and burial sites believed to have been there for more than thousands of years.

Huatulco may primarily be about its beaches, but when you have the long and exciting summer break ahead, you will discover that there is so much more excitement to look forward to.