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Whitewater Rafting Tour in Huatulco

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Do you feel that you are not devoting sufficient time to your family? Think for your own self, since how many days you haven’t taken your family members out for a vacation? I agree that your professional life matters, but then, you need to pay attention to your family life as well. And what can be the best gift other than taking your family members to Huatulco? Well, this would be the greatest gift that your family members are sure to remember till time immemorial.
Do you know something? You can now descend the river through water rafting. Believe me friends; this is one of the fun and popular activities that comes to your mind on your visit to Huatulco. The adventure begins when you climb thirteen miles above the mountains followed by reaching eight hundred meters above sea level.
You are free to participate in this activity together with your family members. Your vacationing is incomplete if you don’t get a chance to indulge yourself in whitewater rafting. There is nothing to feel scared when it comes to whitewater rafting in Huatulco. As beginners you will get a chance to admire different type of birds as well as remarkable scenery provided by the cliff sides. However, you can get a view of this remarkable scenery, if you visit Huatulco from June to January. Due to the favorable weather condition, this is the best time when you can discover the jungle and take a look at multiple species of anima which live around.
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The Top Bays At Huatulco

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Ok fine, I got it right! You have planned your trip to Huatulco and want to visit some of the best bays at Huatulco. Don’t worry; I will help you with some of the best choices. Here we go-

  • Tangolunda Bay: the word “Tangolunda” is of Zapotec origin which implies “beautiful woman”. It is one of the beautiful bays in Huatulco and is famous for its commercial areas, residential complexes as well as hotel properties. This isn’t all; you can also enjoy out here a number of gastronomic experiences as well as recreational sports. This place is a home to the most challenging and beautiful golf courses.
  • Santa Cruz Bay: This is a home to the traditions and origins of Huatulco, where the remarkable beaches of Santa Cruz, Yerbabuena and Entrega are located. This is a town which provides commercial areas, art & craft market, discotheques, shopping zones, dive shops, typical restaurants to name a few. You can also term this bay as a home to the marina for yachts, pleasure boats, and fishing.
  • Chahue Bay: the name of this bay implies “place of fertile grounds”. The bay is known for its breathtaking blue waters and comes with three stunning beaches. You will also find here a hospitable village together with restaurants, boutiques, arts and crafts shops as well as a church
  • Maguey Bay: the soothing environment and calm waves of this village make this bay all the more pleasing. You can have a gala time here with your friends and family members.

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Land And Sea Tour In Huatulco

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Your exams are just over and you are planning to go for a vacation with your friends. At this hour, different friends come up suggesting different options. But then, you all wish to visit a memorable place, a place whose memories you would like to treasure for years and years. If that’s the case, then you need to visit Huatulco.

Now, once you land up at this place, you need to decide from where you will start your journey with. You can start your day with a stunning boat tour surrounding some of the striking bays of Huatulco.  If you visit this place, then the fascinating beaches are the first to catch your eyes. After an enjoyable day out here, you can next munch on sumptuous seafood lunch.

Hey, now that you have experienced the remarkable bays of Huatulco, its time that you fix your eyes on the land. Visiting Huatulco and overlooking the city of “La Crucesita” is simply not done. In fact, this city is a real joy; you will find here anything and everything starting from a church, shopping mall etc. Next, prefer moving towards “Casa Del Mezcal”, here you will get a chance to try out some appetizing mezcal. This isn’t all; you will also get a chance to munch on some conventional Oaxaca cuisine appetizers.

Over and above, don’t forget to see how the popular Oaxaca woven rugs are manufactured. And above all, if you get any leisure hours, ensure purchasing some appealing souvenirs. Have a gala time in Huatulco!

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Fishing Day Out At Huatulco

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Ok fine, let’s consider that you are already on your vacation to Huatulco. Tell me, what all things you have enjoyed till date? Shopping? Sightseeing? What about trying something unique? Something like fishing at Huatulco. Believe me friends, you are sure to enjoy a superb fishing day abroad. The fishing boats out here are pretty comfortable and are best suited for small game fishing. These boats are popularly known as “pangas”. You can also go in for the yachts that come with 6 lines if you are fond of deep sea fishing.

This tourist spot is known for being one amongst the best places when it comes to fishing Tuna, Sailfish, Barracuda as well as Marlin. If fortunate, you will get a chance to visit the best fishing regions.

How much hours you would like to devote for this purpose will solely depend on you. To be more specific, you will get a chance to go for a five hours trip on yacht or a four hours trip on a panga. This clearly indicates that there isn’t any hard and fast that you will have to abide by any particular option or timing. The choice is solely yours! So friends, there is no point wasting your time in looking for options, just go ahead and plan your vacation out here. And don’t forget to come as well as try your luck out here. Believe it or not, but then, the truth is that you are going to have a great time out here.

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