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Go On A Shopping Spree At Huatulco

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Are you a shopaholic? If that’s the case, then Huatulco is possibly the best place for you. Here, you will find plenty of markets, stores as well as beachside and sidewalk vendors. All your shopping needs will be catered here; you will find a number of regional specialties starting from embroidered dresses and blouses, barro negro pottery made using dark clay etc. There are some stores in Plaza las Conchas which sell essentials like film, insect repellent, suntan lotion together with clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs. There are a number of larger hotels that have gift shops but then the prices out here a bit higher. Let us now take a look at a couple of stores from where you can shop around.
La Crucecita is a remarkable place where you will get anything and everything from pottery, silver, clothing, souvenirs, and crafts. You will also find stores in and around the plaza which sell similar products.
You will find remarkable handicrafts in the Santa Cruz Crafts market. to be more specific, you will get an opportunity for purchasing souvenirs, silver, clothing, pottery, as well as other Mexican goods.
Last, but not, the least, you will also get a chance to shop at El Museo de las Artesanias. Here, you will get a remarkable collection of Oaxacan handicrafts. Here, you will not only get handmade products, but you will also come to know how the items were made. You will also get to know the histories as well as the biographies of the procedure and craftspeople respectively.

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